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Accessory for a self-limiting cable

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Accessory for a self-limiting cable

Snow melting cable accessories

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0970 993 002 Strain relief bar, and 0970 993 003 strain relief hook:

  • Strain relief for self-limiting cables, used for relieving the strain caused by the cable’s weight in gutter installations. Installed to the upper end of each drainage pipe.

0970 993 004 Magnetic clamp Klipsi:

  • The KLIPSI® magnetic clamp is designed especially to secure cables on to metallic surfaces.

  • The clip also makes it easy to secure cables to corners and edges. The clip can be installed both ways. When installed the right way around, it allows for thicker cables, and when installed the other way around, a thinner cable can be installed securely.

  • Make sure the cable does not bear any load during installation. The magnets must be evenly secured on the metallic surface.

  • The magnetic clip’s structure is fully closed so they are not exposed to water. The closed structure also prevents an electric pairing in humid conditions which might otherwise cause corrosion and oxidation of the base metal.

  • The magnetic clip is made of polyamide (PA 66) which can handle heavy stress and different temperatures and environments.

0970 993 005 Magnetic clamp Ässä:

  • ÄSSÄ® cable clamp can be installed easily and quickly on any metal surfaces.

  • Ideally suited for attaching defrosting and heating cables to roofs, eaves, drainage pipes, and other metal surfaces.

  • The magnetic clamp can be installed on the front or back of the eave away from the bottom of the gutter to keep it clean from leaves and other debris.
NoticeMagnetic clamp Klipsi and magnetic clamp Ässä as mail order.