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Fume extractor Miniflex

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Fume extractor Miniflex

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Can also be used in confined spaces and other spaces, where regular welding fume extraction cannot be used.

The filtering surface of LongLife-H filter is up to 12 m².

Thanks to a large filtering surface, the service life of the filter is long and its filtration efficiency remains high, because the filter does not require frequent cleaning.

Welding slag created from the welding fumes is disposed of with the filter, which means that no dust is released into the air.

4-phase filtering system

The welding fumes entering the device first go through a metal pre-filter.

After that, they run through an aluminium pre-filter, the LongLife-H main filter and an active carbon filter (if fitted, optional).

Finally, the HEPA filter ensures a filtration efficiency of 99.9%.

Low noise

Excellent sound insulation. Noise cancellation has been improved by placing the sound insulation inside the air venting unit in such a way that it does not affect adversely the cooling of the motor.

2 powerful motors

Ensuring an adequate extraction rate in all conditions. When the level of welding fumes is low, the extraction rate can be halved by using both motors at half speed. This brings an added benefit of both motors being loaded equally, low noise levels and reduced need for maintenance.

Mechanical cooling system enables continuous use.

The extraction of welding fumes from the workpiece can cause a loss of costly, heated air. This can be avoided by using mobile welding fume extractors, which filter the contaminated air and recirculate it back to the working area. The welder can now be easily protected from harmful welding fumes. The mobile welding fume extractor is unbeatable in regards to its performance, design and convenience of use. The equipment improves the productivity of the welder.

Number of motors: 2

Motor power: 2x1 kw

Automatic starting and stopping

Power supply: 230 V/1-phase/50–60 Hz

Extraction rate: position 1 — 160 m³/h,

position 2 — 230 m³/h

Noise level, when a torch with local ventilation is fitted 70 dB

Main filter with spark arrester: 12 m²

Afterfilter: HEPA, filtering grade H12

Filtration efficiency: 99.9%

Active carbon filter: optional

Weight 15 kg

Castor set, standard

Filter clogging indicator

Scope of delivery:

LongLife-H with filter 12 m²

HEPA filter

Aluminium pre-filter

Castor set

Suction hose D=45 mm, L= 2.5 m

1 Year Warranty

on issues of material and production